MRD Earth Leakage Protection


MRD Rail continue to innovate the world of Earth Leakage Protection (via Ground Fault Monitoring) and not just for Railway Applications! Electromek is an experienced partner in the industry and proud to offer MRD products throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region, contact us today for further information.



Earth Leakage Protection

The MRD brand is a well-respected brand in the railway industry globally, they offer a narrow but very important range of Earth Leakage Protection Products.

The interlocking circuits in railway signalling are often supplied from a battery in which neither of the poles are connected to earth. In the event of a single fault there is no danger, however, two or more faults occurring at the same time could create a dangerous situation. Therefore, it is vitally important to supervise the battery supply continuously to prevent this from happening.

Cables which run in parallel with AC electrified railways are subjected to induced voltages. If an earth leakage occurs in the cable, these voltages can disturb devices which are connected to both cables. When earth faults occur in both supply and return wires yet another hazardous condition is created.
These faults are detected reliably with MRD’s Earth Leakage Detector.

EarthSense – Earth Leakage Detection

Designed to measure insulation resistance in unearthed IT systems, the EarthSense Earth Leakage Detector, which is a miniaturised version of the ELD series above, monitors and detects ground faults in electrical installations where high reliability of power supply is required; such as railway, defence, marine and other industrial applications.

The units serve as an early warning system, providing continual measurement of the impedance between an active phase conductor and the earth and accordingly notifying system operators (via screen alerts, remote transmissions or attached devices) when impedance falls below a pre-set value. This advanced fault notification system enables proactive management of maintenance resources; increasing system availability by reducing the likelihood of failures and service interruption.

Earth Logger – Earth Leakage Protection

Despite all the safety built into electrical systems, failures can and do occur. MRD’s multi-channel EarthLogger monitors up to four different busbars, significantly reducing the likelihood of failure or accidents due to insulation faults. Remotely monitor your site with one detector.


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