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Grau Elektronik engineers have extensive experience in the field of power electronics, including customised development of Railway Converters (including high input voltage railway converters), Power Supplies, Inverters and Convection Cooled Railway Battery Chargers, in the power range of 1W to 12.5KW. Grau Elektronik have proven extensive knowledge of practical applications, resulting in many successful projects in rolling stock and signalling applications globally; including many railway converters used successfully in Australia.

Typical applied standards include: EN50155, EN50124-1, EN50121-3-2, IEC60571, SN29500, EN50121-1, EN50125-1, EN60068-2-6, EN61000-4-2…6, IEC571, IEC61373: EN60721-3-5, EN61373, EN60529.

Railway Converters Product technologies include:

  • Wide input range 1:4 … 1:20
  • Synchronization direction
  • Active power factor correction 50W … 1000W
  • Planar transformer engineering
  • 10mS Hold Up Time to prevent power disruption to Auxiliary Devices

Grau Elektronik develop, assemble and fabricate 100% in house their own prototypes, both electrical and mechanical aspects, resulting in fast and cost effective product development. Having their own internal laboratory ensures the products are designed to meet the stringent railway standards required, prior to seeking external certification.

Not all products are shown on our website, should you have a specific requirement, please contact us.

Product Range including compliant railway converters:

DC/DC Railway Converters grau electronics grau electronics grau electronics
DC/DC Converters Railway Battery Chargers High Voltage DC/DC Converters & Dead Battery Starter  Power Supplies