Hoffman Cooling

Hoffman Cooling Air Conditioners for Industrial Applications in Australia

Hoffman Cooling (formerly McLean Cooling Technology) is officially represented by Electromek in Australia; Electromek is the sole supplier in the region to comply with the official Australian Government import and resale regulations. We offer a wide range of cooling products and associated spare parts stocked locally in Australia.

Thermal Management

Heating, Cooling, Monitoring and Service for Improved Enclosure Performance

Paired with our enclosures, nVent HOFFMAN offers the most complete and innovative thermal management solutions for a variety of applications to meet your equipment protection needs. Typical Applications include Industrial Automation, Mining, Telecommunications, Data Communications, Defence and Security, Railway and more.

Hoffman Cooling Matrix of Products:

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System Application
INDOOR Enclosures OUTDOOR Enclosures HARSH
Hoffman Cooling Series Cooling Capacity Range (W) Factory Floor Applications Outdoor Exposed to Weather Corrosive/

Telecom Shelters and Switchrooms

SpectraCool Indoor/Outdoor 1172-5861 Standard Standard Option
SpectraCool with Advanced Corrosion Protection 1172-5861 Standard Standard
SpectraCool Slim Fit Indoor Air Conditioner 300-4000 Standard
SpectraCool Narrow Compact Indoor 266-440 Standard
SpectraCool Narrow Indoor/Outdoor 234-2900 Standard Standard Option
SpectraCool Narrow with Advanced Corrosion Protection 234-2900 Standard Standard
SpectraCool Hazardous Location Indoor/Outdoor 1114-3047 Standard Standard
T-Series Compact Outdoor 235-528 Standard Standard Option
T-Series Mid-size Outdoor 1055-5392 Standard Standard Option
T-Series Large Capacity Outdoor 6007-15210 Option Standard
Genesis Top-Mount Indoor 645-2051 Standard
ProAir Harsh Environment 410-2080 Standard Standard Standard
Thermoelectric Coolers Indoor/Outdoor 52-166 Standard Standard Standard

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