nVent Schroff IP65 EMC Diecast Aluminium Enclosures

nVent launches new SCHROFF IP65 enclosure

IP-Pro Alu EMC provides strong protection in harsh environmental conditions

nVent Electric plc (NYSE:NVT) (“nVent”), a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, announces a new addition to its SCHROFF portfolio of products: a robust case family designed especially for protecting sensitive electronics in harsh environmental conditions. The new IP-Pro Alu EMC case offers IP65 protection in the standard version, which can be extended to IP67 if required. The die-cast aluminum case is also EMC shielded and resistant to shock, vibrations and corrosion.

As a result, it is particularly suitable for applications in railway and transportation, communication technology, test and measurement and for applications in the industrial IoT sector. The case can be mounted on buildings, masts or in vehicles. It can control or monitor processes as a decentralized control unit equipped with a single-board computer.

The enclosure platform is available in stock in 15 different sizes from H90 mm x W122 mm x D122 mm to H180 mm x W600 mm x D310 mm, so it can be used for electronics with standardized or customized form requirements. Effective thermal management is also particularly important for the application ranges mentioned above. By using aluminum cases, conduction cooling ensures a reliable passive thermal transfer through the case itself. For example, a case measuring H90 mm x W160 mm x D160 mm can transfer a dissipation of 15 W (Intel® i7 processor), and the device can be safely operated at ambient temperatures above 40°C.

If there are stricter cooling requirements, customized solutions that do not adversely affect the IP protection of the case can be developed together with the customer. Backed by a team of experts, nVent already provides support during the early stage of an application’s development by selecting the best cooling concept. nVent can verify this selection through thermal simulations in its in-house laboratory – even before initial prototypes are available. The case itself is designed for a temperature range of – 30°C to + 80°C. Applying a special outdoor powder coating to the case extends the temperature range.

The EMC shielding built into the enclosure reliably protects the integrated electronics from interference. Relevant tests on a case measuring H330 mm x W230 mm x D110 mm confirm EMC shielding for a frequency range of 30 MHz to 4 GHz. The new cases are well equipped to withstand physical stress caused by shock and vibration. IP-Pro Alu EMC has also passed special shock and vibration tests such as those required in railway engineering (DIN EN 61373 – Category 2, AREMA Class I). This standard applies to cabinets, sub-assemblies, equipment and components mounted in the cabin or on the bogie of a rail vehicle. Impact resistance in accordance with IK09 (IEC 62262) and the corrosion resistance of the cases in accordance with Levels A and B (EN 62208/ and 2) are also achieved.

IP-Pro Alu EMC enclosures have only four bolts, making them easy to open and shut. By modifying the cases with cutouts, a colored or chemically treated surface and customized printing, they can be adapted to customer or application requirements. Customers also have a variety of options regarding the internal mounting, such as attaching the integrated PCB or for the required cabling. These options are individually tailored to customer and application requirements. Additional accessories, such as hinges with inner or outer joints, mounting plates or IP-protected connectors and PG screw fittings, also enable adaptation to various requirements. Depending on the respective application, nVent provides an integration service that not only offers the option of mechanical modification, but also supports the development of electronic components such as COM carriers.


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